Mouldy Marking Classroom Posters

Mouldy marking is a short term intervention to support children’s transcriptional accuracy when writing. Each poster has a list of prerequisite transcriptional skills that the children need apply accurately when drafting, editing and publishing their writing.




Many teachers have had success using Mouldy Marking as a short term intervention when they have noticed that the class are making basic transcriptional errors. Each poster outlines the knowledge from previous year groups that the children should be applying accurately when they are writing. Depending on the nature of your class you can either ask the children to check their own or a partner’s writing for mouldy errors (the idea being that they have gone out of date), or you can use a green or blue marker to highlight where ‘mould’ has grown yourself. The most important idea is that they eradicate the mould in as short a time as possible.


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